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7 sorts of massage treatments

20 Years experience

Worked in World Class Day Spas

At Sarah’s we believe families are important.

To really care for a family you need to care for every member of it.

With that in mind we have created Tasmania’s only family wellness centre, with a dedicated kids creche just for the little ones.

So now mum or dad can nurture their Body & Soul [and get a massage] knowing that their little one is also being taken care of.

Gone are the day of struggling to find a babysitter so you can take some time for yourself because the team at Sarah’s has taken care of that challenge

Book in your massage ” ME TIME” Today and let our team look after your little cherub 


We do listen to your health and problems


Our team consists only of professionals

Best Products

We only use the best oils druing massage


We keep secret! Privacy is is a must here.

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Save money with our customer loylaty packages.

Meet Our Family Wellness Team

Sarah Jordan-Ross

Massage Therapist Extraordinaire 

Jeff Ross

Techno and Marketing Nerd

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Years of Experience

You can feel the peace as soon as you walk in and this is the BEST massage I have ever had.

Sally Young