You hate to admit it, but maybe your parents were right about all this posture stuff.

Growing up I was the same way; slouched at the dinner table, out in public, and hunched over watching TV.

Think about kids these days! Computers in every classroom and tablets and cell phones in adolescent hands around the country. The poor posture problem is becoming an epidemic! Even if WE were told to “sit up straight” as children, who’s telling our kids now? I hope it’s you, and here’s why…

Research Shows Children THRIVE with Better Posture

A study of 270 children found that children who reported having cervical and/or lumbar pain had poorer school performance than the children who were asymptomatic. To improve school performance, children who maintain alert posture have the advantage over their classmates.
– Salminem JJ (1984) The Adolescent Book

Another study was performed to evaluate the level of engagement and in-seat behaviour of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when seated on exercise balls. The results demonstrated a higher level of engagement with improved in-seat behaviour, allowing teachers to provide more effective instruction. This intervention demonstrates how the sensory-processing theory translates into effective practice in a classroom context.
– Schilling, D. & Schwartz, I. (2004) Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

So what can you as a parent do to improve your child’s posture? Consider these three tips:

  • Be conscious of good posture – As they say, “Awareness is half the battle.” Make good posture a priority and soon your child will become more tuned in to his or her own body and how they are sitting or standing.
  • Praise your child – Children need positive reinforcement. When you see your child standing up straight, tell your son how tall he looks, or compliment your daughter on how grown up and mature she appears. Soon your child will be motivated to stand straight all the time.
  • Lead by example – Encourage your child by having good posture yourself! If you have a desk job, your posture may have deteriorated without you realising it. So be conscious of your own stance.

“I have learned so much about my posture and have never felt better at work. Thank you to all the Sarah’s Family Wellness Centre staff for helping me and my family feel better and be healthier!”
– Vickie J, Riverside


  • What are you doing to improve your posture?
  • Do you know what your posture is like?
  • Do you know what good posture really means?

Those are the questions that surround everyone when it comes to their posture. Maybe you aren’t in school, but are you at a workspace that compromises your posture and, therefore, can interfere with your production, awareness, and cognition at work?

Like in the research cited previously, it is important to begin thinking about ways to improve your posture and lead by example before it starts to affect other areas of your life.

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